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Crack Repair & Seal Coating

Our contractors use quality seal-coat applications of a coal tar concentrate with zetac additives as required. Two coats are applied with sand added in the second coat. Lot is cleaned and prepped prior to application of any seal-coat. Hot crack filler is completed with a Black Diamond product to reduce tacky surface and improve adhesion of seal-coat.

Seal Coating

Seal-coated lot and Re-Striped
Seal-coated lot

Zebra Striping can service older parking lots that are wearing out or need to be freshened up. Winter weather and hot and cold temperatures can take its toll on your pavement. The tendency is for the asphalt to develop cracks , which left alone grow wider and let the elements into your base, resulting in potholes and breakups. By sealing the cracks and the surface, the life of your pavement can be extended - ultimately saving you expensive replacement costs or rough and deteriorating paving. Crack repairs with rubberized material can seal up those large cracks and keep them from expanding.

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