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Parking Lot Striping


Office Building
Handicap Stencil
STOP Stencil
Directional Arrows
Crosswalk Striping

ZEBRA STRIPING & SIGNS can provide stenciling on your lot as well. Whether it is Handicap Parking logos, directional or turning arrows, or special wording to help direct traffic in your lot such as DRIVE THRU or STOP, we can provide it for you. Numbered or labeled parking spaces - we can do it. Size and quantity is not a problem. If we don't carry it, we can have it made.

Line Striping New and Existing Lots

Clubhouse Parking Lot
Office Park
Office Building
Handicap Parking
Susquehanna Center, Camden, NJ

Painting lines in your lot is what we do best. Whether it is a new lot or an existing lot, we can accommodate. Our experienced professionals can advise you on your layout and ensure that you are considering the correct way of providing ample space for your lot. Zebra Striping & Signs can accommodate your business work schedule. We can perform our work at off peak hours to minimize disruption of your business or your business traffic. Sherwin Williams makes quality traffic paints which are used to paint your lot. Let us give you a quote today.

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